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More Funding Resources

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CIC-CIEE Scholarships

The Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Partner Scholarship program allows Penn State to award scholarships to students on select CIEE programs. Awards are available for fall, spring and summer programs. Award amounts are $500, $1,000 or $1,500 depending on program location and semester. These funds are intended for students who, for financial reasons, may otherwise not be able to participate on a CIEE program. Please contact your Education Abroad adviser for more information.

IES Public School Grant

Penn State students studying on IES programs will automatically be awarded a $1500 Public School Grant. IES has created this award to make their programs more affordable to students at public universities. This award is automatically calculated into the program fees of all approved IES programs available for search on the Education Abroad website.

Penn State University Fellowships Office

The Undergraduate Fellowships Office is a great resource for information on scholarships and fellowships funded by sources other than the University.

External Scholarship Databases

Search for a number of different scholarships, grants and other funding opportunities through organizations outside of Penn State:

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Community-Based Funding

Resources in your hometown may prove to be a valuable component of your search. Some the organizations listed below may offer scholarships, or may be willing to help sponsor your education abroad in other ways.

Potential organizations, clubs, and businesses to contact:

  • Service Clubs - Consider Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, etc.
  • Town Hall and/or Chamber of Commerce
  • Local Newspaper
  • Your High School
  • Religious Organizations
  • Your Employer/Family Member's Employer

Tips for success

  • Meet face-to-face with the appropriate representative if possible.
  • Give details about your study abroad program: where it is located, what you will be studying, and how you will integrate this program into your educational and career goals.
  • Be specific – Ask for help with your airline ticket, books, required field trips, etc.
  • Think about ways you can give back to the community: present a comprehensive slide show of your experience, talk to students at your high school, give a presentation on where you went at your local community center, etc.