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Global Ambassadors

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Join the Global Ambassadors to help get Penn State students abroad!

Who Are the Global Ambassadors?

The Global Ambassadors are a recognized student organization actively connecting fellow Penn State students to education abroad resources on campus. The Global Ambassadors work closely with the Education Abroad office to create awareness of study abroad opportunities. They also share their own personal experiences from abroad with their fellow Penn State peers. They inspire and challenge students to take the plunge to an educational and life-changing global experience. While most Global Ambassadors have studied abroad, all students with an interest in global engagement at University Park are welcome to join the student organization. 

What Global Ambassadors Do

Global Ambassadors are a valuable partner to the Education Abroad office in promoting global opportunities. The Global Ambassadors reach out to organizations and classes on the University Park campus to offer Study Abroad 101 presentations on program options, cost structure, housing, how to apply, and beginning the study abroad process. 

Some events that Global Ambassadors sponsor include welcome week/involvement fair, the Education Abroad Fair, HUB tabling, Penn State Around the World poster session, "Ask Me About Study Abroad" Q & A sessions, and social media outreach. The Global Ambassador student organization encourages member creativity in developing new ideas for ways to reach students who may not have previously considered study abroad as a possibility. 

Reasons to Become a Global Ambassador

The Global Ambassador student organization gives returned study abroad students the opportunity to share their international experiences with the Penn State community. Students who have studied abroad often look for ways to connect their study abroad experience to their time at Penn State; the Global Ambassadors provides an avenue to continue to be globally engaged upon return. Students who have not studied abroad have an opportunity through the Global Ambassadors to add an international component to their time on campus.  The organization also allows returned students to connect with each other and reflect on their shared experiences. The Global Ambassadors facilitate the development of practical skills in public speaking and marketing as well as provide leadership opportunities.  

To become a Global Ambassador please complete the application form.

Contact the Global Ambassadors President, Mindy Szkaradnik; or the Education Abroad office,, with questions.