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Global Programs Transition Partners for IECP

What is a Transition Partner for IECP?

Transition Partners (TP) are Penn State students interested in welcoming international students to the University Park campus. Most TPs are either international students themselves or U.S. students who have studied abroad that are dedicated to the global community at Penn State.

What do Transition Partners do for IECP students?

TPs attempt to make the transition to Penn State a little easier during IECP students' first semester.

  • closely guide small groups of new IECP students through the IECP orientation
  • participate in organized monthly educational-social events and programs with IECP students
  • stay in contact with IECP student groups throughout the semester and answer questions about how to get around State College
  • enjoy dinners, lunches, or hang out together and attend Penn State community programs and events

TP and IECP Partnership Assignments

One to two TPs are assigned as partners for small groups of IECP students (around 6-10 IECP) upon registration for the IECP program.

We call this program Transition Partners because we believe IECP students are bright and intelligent young adults who also have a role in their transition to Penn State as well. By connecting IECP students with TPs, peer to peer relationships are formed to the mutual benefit for all students involved as they teach and learn from one another.

Interested in Global Programs Transition Partners for IECP?

Contact Kristin Thomas in Global Programs.

The Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) is hosted out the Department of Linguistics in the College of Liberal Arts. If you have questions about testing, course enrollment, or tuition, you must speak with a representative in the IECP Office.