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International Education Week
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IEW kicks off during the week of November 12-19, 2014. The Pennsylvania State University joins various colleges, universities, embassies, and community organizations around the world by recognizing International Education Week (IEW). This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is an opportunity to prepare Americans for a global environment and to celebrate the benefits of international exchange.

In conjunction with IEW, the Institute of International Education (IIE) released its annual "Open Doors" report which recognized Penn State as 10th in the nation for international student enrollment. In 2012/13 Penn State attracted a record number 6,693 students at University Park from more than 100 countries. Penn State is also ranked 19th nationally for the number of students studying abroad.

Please see the schedule of events below to celebrate IEW, hosted by colleges, campuses, units, and centers across Penn State as well as local community organizations. 

Global Programs encourages student and community organizations, faculty, and staff from academic and student affairs units - from all races, ethnicities and nationalities - to host any type of event or program that celebrates global education inside and outside the classroom.

Registration forms and information resources are available through Global Programs.

Other questions can be directed to

These are some of the great events happening around campus!


Events from 2013:

  • College of Engineering International Engineering Information sessions about engineering opportunities abroad.
  •  Global Brigades Student Panel - an introduction to academic advisers and educational professionals to Global Brigades.
  • College of AgSciences International Programs seminar about the Congressional Hunger Fellowship and issues related to food sovereignty.
  • Penn State Career Services - presentation on changing characteristics of the jobs and job search in global world.
  •  Global Connections' Women's International Night Out
  •  Global Ambassadors Student Organization- Study Abroad 101.
  •  Global Entrepreneurship Week is a weeklong series of events directed at students and community members interested in entrepreneurship.
  • The DUS Leadership Council welcomes international students to an Open House. DUS students will be there to share their experiences exploring majors, getting involved with co-curricular activities, and transitioning to college. 
  • Join Global Programs and Student Affairs screening of "The Dialogue," a movie about intercultural understanding and the communication skills needed for conflict mediation and problem solving.
  • Global Shenanigans in the HUB!  Staff from Global Programs and student volunteers will share lots of ideas about how you can get involved globally!
  •  Global Connections World Affairs Forum at Schlow Centre Region Library.
  •  "Creative Strategies for building a syllabus for travel" with Neil Brown.
  •  CIEE, a leader in international education and exchange, and Global Programs' screening of "Girl Rising." Hear the stories of triumph over pain as girls around the world seek an education to better their lives.
  •  Global Connections  U.N. of Poetry! Enjoy the voices, words, and sounds of poetic language from around the world. From Icelandic to Bengali, Korean to Hebrew, people will read in their native languages and in English translation.


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