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Going Abroad

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Penn State is dedicated to educating its students to become the next generation of global citizens and leaders by providing opportunities to experience diverse world cultures. By adding an international component to a Penn State degree, students will enhance their educational experience and become more competitive in the global economy. There are many ways for students to go abroad and incorporate and international experience into their academic careers.

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Faculty and Advisers

The continuing internationalization of Penn State requires a diverse faculty with strong intercultural skills and an eagerness to engage globally in research, teaching and collaborations.  It also requires skilled and knowledgeable advisers who are passionate about international education. Explore the resources available to Faculty and Advisers to get involved globally and to involve students in international experiences.

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Parent Information

Penn State encourages students to take personal responsibility for their international experience. This experience will create a home away from home. Learning how to navigate the process of international travel and study - such as applying for programs and scholarships, or acquiring passports - is an important part of going abroad. With that in mind, we recognize that parents and family members should play a role in supporting the student in his or her experience abroad and are eager to more information for parents about sending their students abroad.

Education Abroad Fair

Education Abroad Fair

The Education Abroad Fair is a great place for students to begin an academic journey abroad.  Penn State Colleges, faculty, and global partners come together for a one-stop shop,  providing you with an opportunity to learn more about education abroad. Join Penn State students in checking out the opportunities available. Join more than 1100 students who participate in the Fair each year! Learn more about the Education Abroad Fair, including the date and time, logistics, registration guidelines for exhibitors and helpful tips for students.