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Global Engagement Network

  • Dr, Adewumi speaking at Higher Education in India

At the core of Penn State's strategy for globalization is the Global Engagement Network (GEN)--a network of strategic partnerships peer institutions around the world that share Penn State's commitment to solving the world's most pressing challenges through a multi-layered engagement of research, faculty, and student collaboration.

Building the Global Penn State has three distinct, but interwoven elements:

  • Building global competency by sending students, faculty and staff abroad.
  • Internationalizing the University community by bringing international students and scholars to our campuses.
  • Building a global network of regional partnerships that enable the University to pursue its tripartite mission of teaching, research and service on the global stage.

The GEN expands access to regional networks of intellectual capital, resources, and funding, while capitalizing on the strengths, benefits and opportunities that arise from a multidisciplinary and multicultural approach to problem solving.  The GEN leverages our intellectual resources with those of other major research universities around the world.  At the same time, it integrates research into our educational programs, and provides opportunities for student engagement that build global citizenship and leadership.  These strategic partnerships also provide a mechanism for diversifying the regions from which we attract international students and scholars, and they broaden the opportunities for Penn State students studying abroad.

For more information contact Rob Crane, Professor of Geography and the Penn State director of the Global Engagement Network.